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Your Freshly Born Session


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Ten tiny fingers, and ten tiny toes. Her little button nose. His perfect swirl of hair on the back of his head. Your baby will change so much in the first few weeks of their life. Let me capture those first moments without missing a single detail. A complimentary addition, or a great alternative, to a full newborn session, your Freshly Born sessions take place in the hospital or birthing center (or even at your home if you choose a home birth) within the first 24-48 hours of life.

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When to Schedule: 

It is best to contact me 1-2 months before your due date, so I can be sure to get you into my schedule. Because the arrival of baby can be so unpredictable, we won’t be able to set a firm date for your Freshly Born session until after he/she is born. I do ask that you or your partner contact me when you begin early labor, and then again when you have been admitted to the hospital so I can be sure to arrange my schedule as needed for your Freshly Born session.

Because there can be unforeseen circumstances surrounding labor and delivery, if something comes up and I am not able to make it to the hospital during the timeframe that you are there, we will do the session at your home instead.

What to Wear:

During your Freshly Born session, wear what you are comfortable in. A top that is easy to nurse in, comfy yoga pants (especially if you have had a cesarian section), or even your hospital gown. Because these take place in the hospital/birthing center and you will have just went through a tremendous physical journey, comfort is key. It’s amazing what a little lip gloss and blush can do, even if you haven’t showered yet.

A Little Bit of Advice:

Because I want to capture your newborn baby exactly as he/she is, I suggest leaving the headbands, hats, etc at home and to save those for your newborn session. I will want to photograph every detail as possible so you remember just how tiny and perfect they were (and still are, of course!) just hours after they were born without any distraction.