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What to Wear



COORDINATE. This doesn’t mean you have to match; it simply means you shouldn’t clash. The best way to do this is stick to a basic color palette and go from there. Love blue? Mix and match blue, grey, and yellow. Red, white and black. Creams, browns, and blues. Red, yellow and blue with neutrals. Teal, pink, and grey.

COLOR. Do you love color as much as I do? Don’t be afraid to go bright or be bold. Also, take into consideration the colors, style, and mood of your home. If your home decor is rustic, choosing something to compliment that would make a wall display or gallery look perfect in your home.

PATTERNS. Of course you don’t want a ton of competing patterns taking the focus away from your family, but a well-planned mixture of solids and the perfect patterns make for the perfect combo. If you choose to go with a patterned piece or two, start there and build other outfits and colors around it. Also, stay away from logos. You want your pictures to show off you and your family, not your brand name shirt.

ACCESSORIZE. Every season has a different style, which  means a huge array of accessories you can choose from. Scarves and jackets in the winter, a cute sun hat in the summer, your favorite chunky bracelet in the spring, a sweater in the fall. Also, layers are great for dimension and always photograph well. Everything in moderation, of course!



Don’t wear matching white polo shirts and jeans. For the love of all things photography, this isn’t 1993 and we can do better than that 😉

Don’t wear something you’re not comfortable in. If you don’t feel your very best in something, it will show.

Don’t wear all black. You will get lost in your clothes and it will not photograph well.

Don’t wear wrinkly clothes. This is not something I can spend 10 hours fixing in photoshop.

Don’t forget your smiles 🙂


Last but not least, be yourself. Always bring your smile, and have fun. This session is for you! It can be stressful finding the perfect outfit, but if you plan ahead, follow my tips, and stick to your personal style, you’re going to look absolutely amazing!

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