My World (And why YOU should invest in professional photography!)

You know the saying “Doctors make the worst patients”? The same goes for photographers, except it’s “Photographers make the worst clients”. And its true: we don’t always practice what we preach. We are always telling you to save up, book a session with us, take advantage of our mini sessions, buy your mom a gift certificate, etc. Yet, here we sit, not so much of having stepped in front of a camera in a really. long. time. We always have an excuse, too. Mine was the usual “I’m too fat and ugly” excuse that every woman uses. I won’t even get started on that, because I have yet to have any fat and ugly clients (pretty much because they are all amazing beautiful people).

So, back in January I was looking around my picture filled house, and there is just one wall collage from when we had our pictures done in 2012. TWO YEARS AGO, PEOPLE. Not to mention those are the only pictures that feature me in our entire house (taking selfies and hanging them on the wall ain’t my thang). Thats when I had an epiphany…my daughter will have like two pictures of her mommy, a handful of all three of us, and exactly one billion pictures of herself. And that is NOT ok.

I swallowed my fear of being photographed and finally called my photo bestie, Breanna of Simply Bliss Studios. You may recognize her from her own maternity session a few months ago that I was so blessed to photograph. What an amazing, beautiful, kind, compassionate, and talented friend I have in Breanna. Also, being able to shoot with each other’s memory cards is awesome, because I get her shooting style mixed with my editing style. Awesome!

I am so thankful for the beautiful pictures she gave me of my family; truly, so incredibly thankful. Going through them after we were done had tears rolling down my cheeks. That is exactly what this meant to me. Thank you so much SBS! So, to all of you moms of the world who think you’re too overweight, pimply, tired, or whatever- just stop it. Hire a photographer and get in front of that camera. You owe it to not only your family, bust most importantly, to yourself <3


All photo credits to Simply Bliss Studios, I simply edited them:1c24681011131416Kelly-10

Ironically, Breanna’s husband is a dentist. I’m sure she appreciated the thumb sucking by my 4 year old 😛 !


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  • Breanna EatonMay 6, 2014 - 8:35 AM

    OH photo bestie I sure love you! And paah–leasee, you and your family were AWESOME to work with! It was such an honor for me. 🙂 So glad that we could finally give your house a much needed family photo update. Love how you edited them and I love the fact that you are happy! Oh, and I totally laughed out loud with what you said about the last photo. SO many kids remain thumb suckers for years haha. Love you!ReplyCancel



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