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This is probably the longest blog post I’ve ever written, but it’s worth the read. I promise…

I’ve been a professional photographer for only a few years, but when I first started out I said over and over “I will never work with kids and I’ll never photograph babies”. Not because of a dislike for children (I LOVE my mini clients), but because I thought my calling would be in photographing high school senior portraits and engagement sessions. God certainly had a different plan than I did, because if you haven’t noticed, all of my clients wear diapers and droll all over me 😉

About a year and a half ago we sold our house and moved into a new one….one that conveniently has a bonus room upstairs complete with a huge storage closet and pergo flooring.  It was about 4 months after moving in that I thought to myself “What if I converted the upstairs bonus room into a photo studio?”. And so I did.  That was over a year ago, and I’ve slowly (but efficiently) added props, backdrops, and other goodies to the studio. Not to mention my clientele has completely changed.  I am in love with photographing babies, children, and maternity sessions. Which brings me to the point of this post…

Drumroll please….! I will be partnering with Simply Birth & Baby who has just relocated here from Texas! Simply Birth & Baby offers personalized prenatal and postnatal education from labor and delivery to breastfeeding. Carrie Anstrand, owner of Simply Birth & Baby, is an RN, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a Lamaze Certified  Childbirth Educator with a masters degree specializing in health education. To accommodate her qualifications, Carrie has an immense amount of love and passion for her line of work.

When Carrie first approached me about partnering with them, I had an immediate feeling that this would be the perfect relationship between both of our businesses. After I had our daughter via cesarian section, I was in so much physical pain, that after just a few days, I gave up on breastfeeding. It hurt to breath, let alone endure the emotional turmoil of not being able to feed my child, so I threw my hands up into the air and decided that Reese would be a formula baby. My husband was just as exhausted as I was (ok, maybe not AS exhausted,  but pretty close) and he was compliant with my decision. Obviously, Reese lived through having to drink formula (gag), and she is a rock star kiddo,  but knowing that I missed out on that incredible bonding experience between mother and baby will always sting a little.

If I had Carrie on the other end of the phone instead of the mean, 91 year old lactation consultant that the hospital supplied, I guarantee I wouldn’t have given up. Forget the phone for a second, Carrie would have COME TO MY HOUSE. The 91 year old LC told me I had to pack up my newborn baby and buckle my swollen, freshly stapled stomach into the car and drive 7 miles to the hospital to see her. Which is why Simply Birth & Baby is going to be such an important outlet for all of the expectant mothers in the community.

One-on one-education, support, and love for all of the incredible mamas out there <3 That is the whole of Simply Birth & Baby, and I am SO EXCITED to be apart of it! I truly never thought I would see myself where I am today. God sure knows how to surprise us, doesn’t he?  

To celebrate, I decided to host a breastfeeding session. It was really incredible watching mama and baby. See for yourself: 




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