Miss Anwyn is 9 Months Old! | Boise Children’s Photographer

I seriously cannot believe that Anwyn is 9 months old! This means I will be photographing her 1 year portraits in just a few months. CRAZY! Newborn-6 month sessions are easy in the sense that they aren’t mobile yet, and they don’t always get what is going on and will smile for anyone and anything. But once they hit 9 months, they start noticing more of their surroundings, and it can get a bit harder at this point to get those smiles out of them (and they dont. stop. moving!).  Anwyn proved my theory this time around 😉 It took a lot of fake coughing, silly noises, singing, and naked baby dolls to get a smile from this cutie, but we did it! Anwyn’s awesome mama, Jennifer Lawrence (yes, that is her name, and yes, I will always brag about it), is always so involved in Anwyn’s sessions, which makes it 100x easier for me, and 100x more comfortable for Anwyn.

I have said this many times before, but I want to say it again: Watching my littlest clients grow up before my eyes is hands down the best part of my job. Each baby is unique and different, and Anwyn is certainly no exception. She is my biggest baby, and ahead of the game for sure 😉 This little lady is goin’ places! Say hello to Anwyn!




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